An Ultimate Guide To Straight Razor Maintenance

razor for the future

If you want to get the most from your straight razor, one thing that you must know is straight razor maintenance. These razors are quite unlike your ordinary cartridge razor which requires replacing after the blade becomes too old (roughly after 10 shaves). With proper care and maintenance, a straight razor can last you as long as you live. In … Read More

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor: Which is which?

pros and cons of safety and straight blades

Straight Razor VS Safety Razor. What is the difference? When it comes to keeping up neat appearances, razors are very important. However, if you think that all razors are equal, you need to think again. The truth is that there are different kinds of shaving razors out there and each tends to deliver its own results. They also require different … Read More

Basics of Shaving – Enjoyable vs Disposable Razor

Throw-away razor shaving tactics

Have you ever thought about shaving? About the way you do it and the tools you use? A disposable razor or a real one? Most men don’t really think about it – they just do it and go about their day. The lack of consideration stems from lack of insight because most men don’t really think about it in terms … Read More