Get Exotic with Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Cologne

Tom Ford Oud Wood Cologne for Men

When it comes to top-tier colognes for men, we are sure Tom Ford’s name needs no introduction. They are the number one choice for many cologne-obsessed men and for good reason. Their fragrances always stand out, no matter what the occasion is. You just have to find the right one, which of course can be quite difficult with all the … Read More

Have an Unforgettable Scent with the Arquiste Misfit

Arquiste Misfit Cologne for Men

The cologne market is ever-changing. Sure, you can always find classic scents which never really go out of style, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can always find something new and exciting and really spice things up. The best cologne is a very subjective topic where most likely every man will have something different in mind. Our taste, … Read More

The 15 Most Durable and Versatile Tactical Pants for Men on the Market

Best Tactical Pants for Men

Whether you’re an on-duty officer or an extreme adventurer, the best tactical pants for men deliver both comfort and convenience. These are the toughest pants on the market — they’re made to withstand harsh conditions and high-energy physical activity, all while providing flexibility and range of motion. That way, you can start each mission or wilderness expedition with confidence. The … Read More

A Durable Tactical Pant that works for Almost any Occasion

511 Apex Tactical Pants

Whether you are someone who serves in the military or just really enjoys outdoor activities, the right pair of tactical pants could be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. These pants specialize in offering both comfort and durability, no matter the conditions. They also typically have a lot of pockets and slots for all your outdoor essentials, which makes them … Read More

The GoRuck Challenge Pants Let You Take on Any Terrain

GoRuck Tactical Pants for Men

Men who always take on various outdoor adventures love tactical pants. They are the perfect outdoor companion thanks to their highly functional design, many pockets, and durable materials. These pants are bound to outlast the rest of your wardrobe as they are designed with rough terrains in mind — you don’t have to worry about easily damaging them. If you’ve … Read More

Triple Aught Design’s Force 10 AC Cargo Pants will Last You a Lifetime

Force 10 AC Tactical Pants for Men

Whether you serve in the army or go on extreme weekend hikes, tactical pants could prove a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. They are durable, comfortable, and highly functional pants that provide impressive carrying capacity and durability on your outdoor adventures. Tactical pants have been enjoying increased popularity over the years, which resulted in a great selection of various tactical … Read More

15 Fantastic Water Shoes for Men who are Ready to Embrace the Great Outdoors

Best Water Shoes For Men

When it comes to stylish and attractive men’s shoes, water shoes come in near the bottom of the list. They are often the clunkiest non-stylish shoes of all. Designed for function, water shoes had stiff soles, mesh tops and prevented cuts and abrasions when hiking, kayaking, tubing, fishing, swimming, or almost any water sport. However, although they function the same, … Read More

Spice Up Your Outdoor Adventures with the Vapor Glove 3 Water Shoes

Vapor Glove 3 Water Shoes

Have you thought about giving water shoes a try? So many guys don’t even know about this wonderful accessory that can make your outdoor adventures so much more fun during spring and summer. Water shoes are essentially super lightweight, water-resistant shoes that you can barely feel on your feet, however, this doesn’t mean they are not sturdy. Quite the opposite, … Read More