The New Primal’s Sea Salt and Pepper Jerky is Delicious and High in Protein

Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky for Men

When it comes to the best beef jerky brands and products, there is more to consider than just taste. You have to think about texture, the quality of the beef, and a number of other things. Of course, no beef jerky brands are the same, and you have to factor in your unique taste as well. What kind of flavors and textures do you prefer? If you need inspiration, we took the time to collect some of our absolute favorite beef jerky brands that you will surely enjoy. Let’s get right into it!

Keep it Simple with The New Primal’s Sea Salt and Pepper Jerky

Here is the thing: sometimes you don’t desire extravagant flavors, you just want something simple but savory. If you want to keep things simple but still crave a high-quality beef jerky product, consider the sea salt and pepper version from The New Primal. They are a prominent maker of various different jerky products, and this has been a fan favorite for years. The main goal of The New Primal’s products is to give you healthy but delicious snacks that will also bring the necessary nutrition your body needs. This sea salt and pepper flavored product is no exception: while the main focus is on the two seasonings, you will also discover subtle hints of onion, ginger, and even pineapple without any of them becoming overpowering.

Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky

This is one of the tender options on the market, so it’s perfect for those who are less into chewy jerky products. This makes it easy to snack on, while also being more pleasant on your stomach. What is the secret behind the great texture and fantastic taste you ask? It’s all about the high-quality sources of course. The New Primal make their jerky from grass-fed beef, resulting in a high-protein and lean product. You can find eleven grams of protein in one ounce, making this one of the options with the highest amount of protein, making it perfect for those on a paleo-diet.

Naturally, if you are looking for more complex or exciting flavors, The New Primal also offers all kinds of alternatives. You can buy beef jerky in honey and cayenne flavors, which
is also a fan favorite.

If you are looking for the highest quality beef jerky product on the market, this one should certainly be high on your list. We hope you will enjoy snacking on this savory and nutritious beef jerky!

Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky

Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky

Sea Salt and Pepper Beef Jerky

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