The Gotham GWC14050S is a Pocket Watch for Men Who are All About Elegance

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch for Men

Pocket watches are not only about knowing what the time is. They are also about making a statement about the wearer and their style. Pocket watches for men have been steadily gaining popularity in the past couple of years, and there are more and more brands offering their line of products. However, not many of these watches are worth the purchase, and if you’re looking for a fashion piece that looks amazing and stays trustworthy, we are here to help you.

The Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone 17 GWC14050S Pocket Watch is a Timeless Piece for Every Man

The Gotham Watch Company is one of the most prominent names when it comes to pocket watches and for a good reason. They offer high-quality and stylish looking options for anyone who is looking to try out something other than normal watches. Thanks to a super elegant silver-tone cover that is perfect for engraving, the antique style clock hands, and the fifteen inches long curb chain, Gotham’s pocket watch is perfect for men who want to make a fantastic first impression on any occasion, be it a business lunch, a professional meeting or any other event.

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch

Since the cover was designed with engraving in mind, this pocket watch could also make for a perfect gift for family members! Not only that, but the product is also protected by a very stylish and sturdy gift box and string pouch which you can even display on your desk. Once you open the box itself, you will find the pocket watch itself, as well as a high-quality polishing cloth that will make sure you will not scratch it while cleaning – although that would be hard to do thanks to the scratch-resistant mineral in the watch –, and of course the instructions for properly using the product.

Gotham also offers a lifetime warranty in case you have some kind of trouble with the watch, so do not hesitate to contact them! When it comes to the best pocket watches for men, this one truly is a good choice and you do not even have to pay a fortune. For just 89.95 dollars you will be a proud owner of a pocket watch that is not only extremely durable, but it also goes well with almost any outfit and it will get everyone’s attention. After using it for just a bit, you’ll become a big fan of pocket watches in no time!

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch

Gotham GWC14050S Pocket Watch

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