Stay Classy with the Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch for Men

Not many fashion accessories are capable of making a statement and staying functional nowadays, but if there is anything out there that can do both, it is definitely a pocket watch. However, choosing the right one for your style is very important, otherwise, something will look off about it. Patek Philippe’s 973J Pocket Watch for Men is an open-face accessory in a gorgeous yellow gold color that will definitely get everyone’s attention.

A Classic Timepiece

There is no mistaking it: wristwatches have definitely taken the place of pocket watches over the last couple of decades. However, that only made pocket watches even classier and more interesting: if you want to make a fashion statement, nothing says “elegance” like a traditional pocket watch.

Thankfully plenty of men have realized the same thing and there has been a growing market for pocket watches. Not only the Patek Philippe 973J looks absolutely stunning thanks to the yellow gold case and chain and the white lacquered dial with Roman numerals, it is also incredibility durable: the case can easily withstand humidity and dust, so you do not have to worry about your watch malfunctioning. It is important to keep in mind though that according to the company, the watch is not water-resistant, so make sure you do not spill water on it.

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

Are you a long-time enthusiast for pocket watches or just starting to get familiar with them? Whatever the case is, Patek Philippe’s piece should definitely be on your radar. Thanks to its simple design and elegant color choice, you can bring it with you to both professional and casual events, and it generally goes well with any type of suit. It is also easy to carry around thanks to its small size, and the accompanying gold chain will make sure that you will never lose it. However, since it is an open case pocket watch, you should always make sure that you keep it safe from potential scratches.

Patek Philippe remains one of the few companies that you can count on when it comes to high-quality and stylish pocket watches for men. Their pieces are elegant, ooze style, but they also make sure that you get a watch that you can always count on. Though pocket watches are becoming rarer and rarer, they are still perfect for making a fashion statement, especially in a world that is dominated by wristwatches.

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

Patek Philippe 973J Pocket Watch

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