What is the Difference Between the Different Mercedes-Benz Classes?

Mercedes class differences

Are you wondering why are there so many different Mercedes-Benz classes and what are their main characteristics and basic differences? When you buy a Mercedes, you know that you have moved up in the world. While many other companies concentrate on building cheaper cars for mass production, Mercedes continues to place their emphasis on quality Uber Alles, as the Germans might say. If you want a normal little vehicle to take the kids to school and drive yourself back and forth to work, these cars aren’t necessary. However, it’s hard to deny that a little touch of quality in one’s life can be a wonderful thing. Who doesn’t want a car that makes them feel like a big deal when driving it down the road? Best of all, you can grin at your friends and tell them “yeah, I just bought a Benz. Want to see it?”

It Is Hard To Choose A Mercedes When They All Look So Good

Still, it is important to do your research before you lay your money down. While it’s hard to go wrong with a Mercedes, you should still take the time to educate yourself about the various options and models that the company has on offer. After all, these things are a long way from cheap.

The Various Classes Of Mercedes-Benz


The CLA class consists exclusively of coupes. As you might expect, Mercedes-Benz offers an exceptional product here with all of the meticulous attention to detail that has made their work so famous. While maintaining the aerodynamic smoothness that characterizes the classic coupe design, they have also created a family car that can seat up to five people comfortably. Having tested the design extensively in a wind tunnel, the people at Mercedes strove to produce a car that would outshine the competition in the area of pure aerodynamics. The highly aerodynamic nature results in greater fuel efficiency and stability.

The four-cylinder engine is anything but weak, offering about 75 horsepower in a relatively small package. With 26 PSI of maximum turbo boost, it can outrun any other four-cylinder vehicle on the road. It can go from zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds if that gives you an idea of its speed!


These are the SUV models. When this line of vehicles was first introduced, the SUV was not considered “cool.” In fact, it was a style usually associated with suburban soccer moms. Mercedes took it upon themselves to change that perception, and one might argue that they did exactly that. While maintaining the flash and flair that you would expect from a Benz, the G-Class vehicles are equipped with powerful 4-wheel drive bi-turbo engines that can go virtually anywhere.

The V8 engine is powerful, but not powerful enough to be a fuel hog. With a coil-spring/rigid axle suspension, they can handle all but the worst bumps in the road, and the dual bi-Xenon headlamps provide reliable lighting for even the darkest country nights. The rearview camera is excellent, making it just as easy to drive backward as it is to drive forward. The camera view automatically pops up when you throw the vehicle in reverse, which is a great help for those tight parking jobs.

AMG Class

These are the high-performance models. The AMG class was pioneered in 1967 by two automotive engineers who saw the racing potential for Mercedes-built vehicles. The result is a vehicle that can serve as either a racecar or a reliable private vehicle. With each successive generation, AMG engines become more powerful and more riddled with features. Multi-clutch designs make the transmission smoother than silk, and the 3.0L bi-turbo engine delivers power all day long. With large turbochargers and advanced software to run the entire thing, this powerhouse is just about the same as having a team of oxen under the hood-except much faster. With its wide wheel arches and sharp, sleek profile, an AMG can be recognized as a high-performance monster the minute that anyone lays eyes on it.

With a big 4.0 bi-turbo V8 engine, the racing origins of this design are obvious as soon as you open the hood. In 3.3 seconds, this monster goes from zero to sixty, making you wish for an end to all speed limits and traffic cops!

Maybach Class

The Maybach sedan is literally in a class all its own. With a lengthened wheelbase, this car could rightly be called a “stretch” sedan. In the area of comfort, this one shines very brightly indeed. You can control the usual things like air conditioning, heat, and music, but you also get precise control over your ambient lighting and even the fragrance of your vehicle. So, if you’re one of those people that really love the “new car” smell, this one is for you. As if that wasn’t good enough, it even comes with massaging seats so that you can drive to work and get a back massage at the same time.

But this is more than a comfortable ride. The Maybach is equipped with a complex array of camera and radar technology that allows it to scan the road ahead and make minute adjustments for maximum smoothness. The nine-speed transmission also helps to keep the entire ride as smooth and comfortable as your bedtime snooze. Naturally, if your passengers are trying to sleep on a long road trip, they will be very thankful for this feature. When a bump in the road is detected, the camera system tells the shocks, and they can compensate for the bump, making it almost impossible to notice. How cool is that?

S Class

These are the flagship luxury sedans for which Mercedes-Benz has become so famous. Like the Maybach, they are equipped with smart shocks that adjust for bumps in the road, and an ambient lighting system that allows you to make the car uniquely your own. This is achieved through a bank of settings that allow you to choose between 64 different colors and a variety of placement schemes. Thanks to this feature, no two S Class sedans will ever look identical.

The main cabin display is a set of 12.3-inch panels that allow for an even greater degree of customization. You can use this central screen to set up your main instrument panel, Keep your map handy, or just watch a movie if you or your passengers feel like doing so. I think my favorite features are the steering wheel controls. Most of the car’s essential controls are right there at your fingertips so that there is no stretching or reaching for any reason. Under the hood, we see a V6 bi-turbo design that screams of both quality and power.

When Buying The Best From Mercedes, You Should Expect The Best

So to summarize: All of these cars offer a high level of quality without being all that different. Of course, many of the details vary, but the level of quality is the same throughout. The most important thing to consider is your priorities. Some of these models are made with an eye toward performance, while others concentrate on comfort, and others concentrate on rugged dependability. Which of these criteria matters the most to you? Would you rather have a fast and furious roadster with an engine that roars like an extinct mega-predator? Or are you simply looking for a show-pony that you can trot out to impress your friends? Regardless of where your preferences may lie, Mercedes probably has something that will impress.

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