20 of the Best Travel Pants for Men that are Super Comfortable and Elegant

Best Travel Pants for Men

Whether you work from home or commute every day, the right pair of pants can make or break your daily routine. No matter what your day looks like, set yourself up for success by finding a pair of pants that will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the busy day.

Depending on your work schedule or requirements, the “perfect” pair of pants may vary from day to day. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite work and travel pants for men to give you an idea of where to start in your quest for the perfect fit.

20 Stylish Travel Pants for Men that don’t Sacrifice Comfort

1. Hill City Easy Tech Travel Pants for Men

Hill City Easy Tech Travel Pants for Men

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When it comes to the best travel pants for men, sometimes you just can’t beat a good pair of sweatpants. The Hill City Easy Tech Pant isn’t a pair of sweatpants in the technical sense of the word, but it’s every bit as comfortable as your favorite old pair of joggers.

The stretch woven fabric is abrasion resistant, which means that these pants are tough enough to keep up with you on your travels, and the elastic drawstring waistband lets you control the fit of the pants for maximum comfort. The pockets feature an inside zipper for added security as you go about your day, from airport to office.

2. Patagonia Skyline Traveler Pants

Patagonia Skyline Traveler Pants

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The Patagonia Skyline Traveler Pants may look like a well-tailored pair of slacks, and in many respects, that’s exactly what they are. However, the hidden drawstring waistband lets you enjoy the classic style of khaki pants with all of the comforts of a modern pair of sweatpants.

With plenty of pockets for storage and a streamlined, slim-fit style, the Skyline Traveler Pants combine practicality with fashion to create a pair of pants that will keep you relaxed on a long flight and in-control just about everywhere else. The soft fabric allows for freedom of movement, and the tapered fit creates a polished, professional look, no matter where you are.

3. Bluffworks Ascender Chino Best Travel Pants for Men

Bluffworks Ascender Chino Best Travel Pants for Men

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Popular travel pants for guys may sometimes lean into gimmicky extra benefits instead of relying on time-tested, tried-and-true classic styles. The Bluffworks Ascender Chino avoids that mistake by providing a timeless pair of pants that are still hardworking and durable enough to hold up to the most perilous adventures.

With a soft stretch fabric that’s wrinkle-resistant and water-repelling, the Ascender Chino helps you stand out from the crowd at the airport or just out on the town. With no less than ten carefully tailored pockets, the Ascender Chino also lets you keep your hands free and your options open, no matter where your path may lead.

4. prAna Stretch Zion Pant

prAna Stretch Zion Pant

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The prAna Stretch Zion Pant is all about versatility. Most top-rated travel clothes focus on giving the choices back to you, and prAna is no exception. The Zion Pant is available in a wide range of colors, and the wrinkle-resistant fabric lets it move between environments without breaking a sweat (or a crease).

The adjustable waistband makes these pants a great fit for long flights or long hours at the office, and the roll-up leg snaps let you decide how long or how warm the pants should be. Mesh pockets, including a cargo pocket, provide plenty of space for storing your belongings.

5. Chrome Industries Madrona 5 Pocket Pant

Chrome Industries Madrona 5 Pocket Pant

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Chrome Industries has long been hailed as one of the best providers of popular travel pants for guys, and the Madrona 5 Pocket Pant shows that they deserve every bit of that praise. The Madrona 5 Pocket Pant is simple, hardworking, and tough enough to keep up with you on your busy travels.

The cotton and nylon blend is wind resistant and designed to stretch for maximum comfort. The reinforced waistband may not allow for the best circulation, but it will ensure that you present a polished, professional appearance as soon as you get off the airplane or out of the car. From the airport to the office, these pants have got you covered!

6. Western Rise Evolution Pant

Western Rise Evolution Pant

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If you want a pair of travel pants that won’t weigh you down in the airport or beyond, the Western Rise Evolution Pant may be your best bet. These pants are super lightweight, designed to take up as little space as possible in your suitcase, and tailored to fit any body type in a slim, flattering style.

The khaki blend fabric is ultra-breathable, which makes it a great choice for long flights when you won’t get a chance to get up and move. The moisture-wicking treatment also means that you won’t have to worry about slips, spills, or stains, which makes these pants great for the professional on the go.

7. Mack Weldon Radius Pant

Mack Weldon Radius Pant

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The Radius Pant is made of a polyester and spandex blend that makes it a perfect choice for long flights where you need to try and relax before the wheels touch down. With a flexible waist and stretch fabric, the Radius Pant has plenty of the comfort that sets the best travel pants for men apart.

The fabric is also wind, rain, and stain-resistant. No matter where your travels may take you, these pants are ready to handle any new challenge. No matter what, they’re as prepared as you are to face any complications that may arise as you travel from one side of the country to the other.

8. Lululemon Commission Pant

Lululemon Commission Pant

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Lululemon has long made a name for itself as one of the top athleisure brands in the world, and it brings that same dedication to comfort and practicality to the Commission Pant. Designed for “breathability”, ease of movement, and everyday use, these pants can handle anything your busy schedule has in store.

The wrinkle-resistant fabric makes these pants a great choice for days when you have to head from the airport straight to work, and the tapered fit provides a casually professional look that’s just as suited for the office as it is for the airport. The pockets feature hidden snaps to keep them securely closed and looking streamlined.

9. Rhone Commuter Travel Pants for Men

Rhone Commuter Pant

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If you want a pair of travel pants that doesn’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles to get the job done, the Rhone Commuter Pant might just be the perfect fit for you. Some of the best travel pants for men are the pants that embrace a simple, no-nonsense approach to providing comfort on long trips, and the Rhone Commuter Pant is no exception.

The streamlined leg and Flex-Knit fabric blend work together to provide a classic blend of style and substance, while the special media pocket and security pocket ensure that your possessions will stay safe and secure throughout the airport and back out on the streets.

10. Everlane The Air Chino

Everlane The Air Chino

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Some of the best travel pants for men who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, the Everlan Air Chinos provide plenty of both. Available in “crocodile”, navy, or black, these handsome pants feature a modern cropped length and a higher waistline that’s still comfortable enough to wear throughout long flights.

The button and hook waist closure allows for an easy fit, while the cotton blend of the fabric provides plenty of warmth and comfort no matter where you are. The classic four-pocket styling lends a touch of old-school fashion and flair to a pair of pants so comfortable that you’ll be looking forward to your next red-eye flight!

11. Pashko Wild Zen-Like Ergonomic Pants

Pashko Wild Zen-Like Ergonomic Pants

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Most of our lives are already pretty hectic, and few places remind us of that fact as well as the airport does. If you’re looking for a little bit of tranquility in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, the Pashko Wild Zen-Like Ergonomic Pants offer an escape from all the chaos.

The sweat-wicking fabric and insulated seams mean that you’ll be comfortable no matter the temperature around you, and the loose fit and soft fabric provide an easy-to-wear pair of pants that are still stylish enough to wear outside of the airport, no matter where your travels may end up taking you next!

12. Aviator’s The Best Travel Jeans in the World

Aviator's The Best Travel Jeans in the World

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It may be a bit of a tall task, but Aviator’s The Best Travel Jeans in the World certainly do their best to live up to that title. With three hidden zipper pockets and an additional pocket large enough to store most portable electronic devices, the Aviator jeans are all about the practicality that you need when you travel.

The dark wash indigo fabric provides a neat, tailored appearance, and pants are treated for shape recovery so that they retain their overall look after hours of sitting in the same seat. This attention to detail truly shows why Aviator consistently provides some of the best travel pants for men today.

13. Columbia Pilot Peak

Columbia Pilot Peak

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The Columbia Pilot Peak pants may not look like many other popular travel pants for guys, but they’ve got some of the same features in areas where it matters. The higher waistline provides a smart, professional look, while the comfortable fabric and deep pocket space still give you plenty of options for where these pants may take you.

The cotton and elastane stretch blend lets you move or rest comfortably without cutting off circulation or feeling overly restrictive. The result is a slimming, flattering pant that lengthens the legs and still provides enough comfort to let you feel relaxed at the airport, at the office, or anywhere else.

14. Dockers Alpha Men’s Side Striped Joggers

Dockers Alpha Men's Side Striped Joggers

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Dockers has long provided some of the best travel pants for men, and their Side Striped Joggers show why they’ve earned their spot at the top of a lot of lists. The khaki pants feature a bold side stripe for a bit of additional flair, but the slim fit and narrow ankle keep the overall appearance looking neat and professional.

Made of a cotton and elastane blend with single-needle seams and a rolled hem, the Side Striped Joggers have an elastic drawcord waistband, which makes them a perfect fit for long flights where you may have to adjust the waistband for a bit of extra breathing room.

15. Mountain Hardware AP Pant

Mountain Hardware AP Pant

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Another pair of popular travel pants for guys, the Mountain Hardware AP Pant may look like a regular pair of slacks at first glance, but it packs a lot of power into its slim frame. These pants in particular offer a unique roll-up snap feature to reduce space and make it even easier to bring the pants wherever you go.

The AP Pant is made from a special canvas blend that makes it tough enough to take a lot of punishment but still comfortable enough to wear for long periods so that it’s easy to see why Mountain Hardware continues to provide the top rated travel clothes available.

16. Foehn Nelson Pant

Foehn Nelson Pant

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If you want a pair of travel pants that is tough enough to handle anything your trip throws your way, the Foehn Nelson Pant is a hardy, durable pant that still looks good enough to wear daily. Like most top rated travel clothes, the Nelson Pant is designed for comfort, but it also provides plenty of hardworking style.

With triple-reinforced seams and four-way stretch fabric, the Nelson Pant is a great choice for airplane travel, boat travel, or just about any other form of travel you can think of. It also features zippered thigh pockets and an articulated knee for greater freedom and range of motion.

17. Aether Charter Pant

Aether Charter Pant

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When it comes to the best travel pants for men, you want something that combines comfort with style. The best travel pants for men are the ones that can “fly under the radar”—pants that combine the comfort of sweatpants without the actual look of sweatpants.

The Aether Charter Pant is made of a soft cotton blend that allows for plenty of stretch. The overall look is slim and tailored, a professional look that can be worn in nearly any situation or environment. The pants also feature lots of pocket space, including a zipper pocket for storing any valuables that you may be worried about while you travel.

18. Olivers Passage Pant

Olivers Passage Pant

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Olivers consistently delivers some of the top-rated travel clothes, and with offerings like the Passage Pant, it’s easy to see why. With a specially woven fabric that allows for plenty of stretch and give while still retaining a tailored, professional look, the Passage Pant is equally at home at the office as it is at the airport or out on the town.

Olivers sets itself apart with its commitment to high-quality detailing. The Passage Pant has deep pockets (including a fifth front pocket) with Italian steel fastenings to ensure that anything you store in your pockets is going to be staying safe and secure until you need it.

19. Topo Designs The Tech Pant

Topo Designs The Tech Pant

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The most popular travel pants for guys are usually the pants that can adapt to just about any situation, and Topo Designs delivers in that area. The Tech Pant is geared towards a more outdoors=y kind of vibe but still provides enough tailored style to blend in at the office or out and about.

The Tech Pant features a straight fit, articulated knee for added comfort when you’re sitting still for a few hours and deep pockets that let you keep your hands free, no matter if you’re on a plane, at work, or headed out to the nearest hiking range for an adventure with some close friends.

20. Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

Public Rec All Day Every Day Pant

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Loose, lightweight, and comfortable, Public Rec offers one of the best travel pants for men who want the comfort and ease of sweatpants with the style and “wear anywhere” look of a good pair of jeans.

The All Day Every Day Pant is made of a spandex and nylon blend so that it fits easily without stretching, clinging, or looking like a pair of leggings. The generous fit around the waist allows for plenty of breathing room, and the tapered fit at the ankles creates a smartly tailored look.

Whether you’re heading to the office, the airport, or out for a round of golf, these pants have got your back!

What Are the Most Comfortable Men’s Pants?

As a general rule, the best pair of pants is one that you can wear all day. Look for pants without a restrictive waistline or too tight of a fit around the stomach or the upper legs. Depending on what your plans for the day may entail, you may also want to look for pants with deep pockets that will let you keep your hands free as you go about your routine.

You may have a certain type of fabric that feels more comfortable for you, so shop with that in mind, too! Denim, khaki, whatever helps you feel relaxed!

What Should Men Wear on Long Flights?

When it comes to long flights, comfort is key. Men who are about to take off on a long trip should wear loose-fitting pants or pants with a flexible waistline to avoid cutting off the circulation while sitting in the same seat for hours on end. Looser pants can also help you adjust to different temperatures on the plane.

If the plane is too warm, you may want pants that you can cuff or roll up. At the same time, you want a pair of pants that are warm enough to keep you comfortable if the airplane’s temperature cools down.

Why Do Men Wear Travel Pants to Work?

Travel pants can be just as helpful at the office as they are on an airplane, and for much the same reason. For most of us, our daily routine involves sitting for hours without moving, and it’s important to have a pair of pants that won’t restrict blood flow or feel too tight or constrictive.

Besides, travel pants can help you regulate your temperature better, no matter where the thermostat at your office is. If you’re comfortable at work, you can devote more of your attention to your job, which makes travel pants a good choice for most positions.

What Pants Are “In” for Guys?

Skinny jeans may not be as popular today as they were just a few years ago, but slim-legged pants are still the norm. Cuffed pants are making a bit of a comeback as well, as are cropped pants that show off just a little bit more of the ankle.

With a return to slightly wider-legged pants (as compared to the tightest skinny jeans imaginable), most men’s fashion has a renewed focus on comfort and “wearability” instead of putting style before everything else. No matter what your personal preference may be, with enough confidence, nearly any pant style is “in”.

What Should You Not Wear on a Plane?

As a general rule, when you’re preparing for a long flight, avoid tight-fitting clothes. You’re going to be sitting in the same seat for hours, and you want to avoid anything that’s going to impact your circulation, digestion, or respiration.

You may also want to steer clear of clothes that are either too warm or too cold. Once you’re in the air, you won’t have a lot of control over the ambient temperature. Wear adjustable pants and layers on your upper body, so that you can adjust your clothes to best match the temperature of the airplane cabin.

Find the Perfect Pair of Travel Pants for You

No matter what your plans may hold for the next few months, the right pair of pants can make any new task a simple undertaking. Give yourself a leg up on your busy schedule with comfortable clothes, that fit well, and that let you shift between work and relaxation without any issues.

Use the list of pants above as a guideline to picking out your perfect pants, or use the entries listed as a starting board for your search. Let us know which pair you liked the best or any pair you think we may have forgotten!

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