15 of the Most Stylish and Functional Minimalist Wallets for Men

Best Minimalist Wallet for Men

The best minimalist wallet for men may be hard to choose since there are so many wallets to choose from when selecting one. The minimalism movement has inspired people to change their lifestyles so that they can feel uncluttered by consumerism. Companies have used this want people have to create products that will help facilitate people’s transition to minimalism, and this also includes minimalist wallets for men. The best way to decide what is the best minimalist wallet for you is to compare them with each other, and then choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

Discover Your New Favorite Minimalist Wallet among these 15 Ideas

1. Tanner Goods Journeyman Minimalist Wallet

Tanner Goods Journeyman Minimalist Wallet

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The Tanner Goods Journeyman Minimalist Wallet is a top rated minimalist leather wallet. It is made of harness leather and has a beautiful olive color. Inspired by the flora color variation of the Pacific Northwest in autumn, the leather used to make the wallet has a mixture of different greens in the olive hue. The foliage motif layered on the wallet also adds uniqueness to the wallet as each one is slightly different from the other. It has four card slots, as well as a central pocket to hold cash. Even if you like to carry your wallet in your front pocket, your cash is always secured.

2. Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet

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The Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet adds security to your wallet by adding RFID protection, which makes it difficult for your identity to be stolen. You can keep your personal information and credit cards safe with this wallet because of its RFID skimming protection. The wallet is also very durable and is the best minimalist wallet for men who like a good warranty: it is made in the USA and has a 65-year heirloom warranty. In the event your wallet is destroyed due to hardware failure, the warranty covers this as well. You can hold up to eight cards in your Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet, and it’s also equipped with a cash slip and ID display, and a bottle opener which might come in handy sometime.

3. Radix One Slim Wallet

Radix One Slim Wallet

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When looking at popular simple wallets for guys, the Radix One Slim Wallet is very slim and functional. It is made up of a silicone band that encapsulates two plates made of polycarbonate. The plates hold your credit cards and ID into place in the middle. You can hold between 4 to 10 cards in this wallet, but you can also use the silicone band as a money clip. Since the wallet is so slim, it can fit into your pockets without feeling bulky.

4. Distill Wally Micro

Distill Wally Micro

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The Distill Wally Micro wallet can work perfectly as a business cardholder. It is a reversible minimalist wallet for men who prefer versatility, which means you can change the color of the wallet between two colors. One of our favorite aspects is how you can use it as a front pocket wallet as well. The wallet can hold 10 cards, is equipped with a pull tab, so you can easily access your cards. You can also stash cash with the elastic band on the wallet. The wallet is of full-grain leather and is made in an environmentally friendly way, and it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

You can get an RFID shield for this wallet as an extra feature. This will protect you from someone trying to skim your information from credit cards and personal identification.

5. Serman Brands Executive

Serman Brands Executive

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The Serman Brands Executive wallet is a top rated minimalist leather wallet because it is handmade of quality cowhide. The cash slot can accommodate any currency. The wallet can fit between 10 to 12 cards. It has an RFID shield so your data is protected from skimmers. It has two ID windows, making it an ideal wallet for travel.

6. Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve

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The Bellroy Card Sleeve is a wallet made of premium hides. The leather is made under environmental protocols. It is dyed to decrease the aging process of the leather. Not only are the materials used to make the wallet are sustainably produced, but they are durable and lightweight.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve can hold between 2 and 8 cards. It has a pull tab so you can easily and quickly access your essentials. It is very slim but has enough versatility to be used as both a wallet and business cardholder. You can use the outside pockets for items you need quickly. The sleeve comes with a 3-year warranty.

7. Bosca Weekend Wallet

Bosca Weekend Wallet

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The Bosca Weekend Wallet lives up to its name because of its simplicity. The wallet is one of the best minimalist wallet for men because it is so thin you can easily carry it in your front pocket. It has some card slots and a picture ID window. You can stash cash in the center pocket for quick access. The wallet is crafted of Old Leather, which is typically used in making shoes because it is strong and durable. It can last many decades and look even more beautiful with time. The leather is hand-stained and has a glossy finish that gives it a stylish look.

8. Huskk Card Sleeve Holder With RFID Blocking

Huskk Card Sleeve Holder With RFID Blocking

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The Huskk Card Sleeve Holder is made of Italian leather by British craftsmanship. It has a bi-fold so you can safely carry your cards and a little bit of cash. The card sleeve holder gives you the option of having a luxurious wallet without the bulk of a traditional one. It has an RFID shield to prevent RFID skimming.

9. Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

Rogue Front Pocket Wallet

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The Rogue Front Pocket Wallet from Maine which is made of genuine moose leather. It has a round profile, making it perfect for the front pocket. This feature makes it one of the popular simple wallets for guys. This wallet can hold between 6 to 12 cards which should be more than enough for most guys. There is also a billfold and stash pocket, and just like many high-quality options, it has RFID protection. The Rogue Front Pocket Wallet comes with a two-year warranty.

10. Bexar Vertical Card Wallet

Bexar Vertical Card Wallet

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The Bexar Vertical Card Wallet has a bifold like a typical wallet, but it is much slimmer and simpler. It is small enough to fit in both your back and front pocket. There are two pockets to put your cash. It is the best minimalist wallet for men who like to carry cash. There are also four card pockets.

Made in San Antonio, Texas, the Bexar Vertical Card Wallet is a top rated minimalist leather wallet because its saddle is hand-stitched by a poly cord thread for durability. The saddle stitch has been used for centuries by leather workers known for their expert skills. When compared to the lock stitch common in the machine stitching, the saddle stitch is more durable. The wallet is made from vegetable-tanned harness leather.

11. Herschel Charlie Wallet

Herschel Charlie Wallet

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The Herschel Charlie Wallet is one of the popular simple wallets for guys because it is no fuss as it is very basic. It may not look as fancy as the other wallets, but that is why some men like it. There are card slots. There is also an opening on the top for storage. There is an RFID shield to prevent the skimming of credit cards, debit cards, and id cards.

12. Shinola Passport Wallet

Shinola Passport Wallet

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Perhaps you are looking for the best minimalist wallet for men who like to travel, check out the Shinola Passport Wallet. The Shinola Passport Wallet is handmade from leather that will age gracefully with time. It is rugged which means your passport will stay safe on your many adventures around the globe. The wallet has five card pockets as well as a passport pocket to secure the important things on your travels. It is slim enough to fit in your back pocket. The Shinola Passport Wallet is the perfect companion to your travels.

13. Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Credit Card Holder

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Credit Card Holder

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Made in Italy, the Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Credit Card Holder is made of soft calf leather that has been hammered. The wallet has a palladium finish on the front of the wallet. It is the best minimalist wallet for men who like aesthetics. There are slots located on the inside and outside, so you have enough storage for your many cards.

14. Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection

Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection

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The Leather Bifold Wallet is the best minimalist wallet for men who like to stay organized. It gives you a slim wallet without compromise. It can hold 18 cards. You can use the pull tab to access your cards. There is a compartment for coins. The wallet is kept closed by magnets. You can fit the major currencies in the wallet. It has RFID protection, so, you do not have to worry about your identification and credit cards being skimmed. Handmade in Spain, it is produced from cowhide leather. The full-grain vegetable-tanned material forms a patina as it ages. Each wallet is unique and has some marks to add character to the wallet.

15. Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

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The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is sustainably produced from premium hides that have been chosen because they are lightweight and durable. Hides have been tanned following environmental protocols. They are also dyed, so the leather can age gracefully. The Slim Sleeve has a 3-year warranty.

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve can hold between 4 and 8 cards. There are 2 card slots for the cards you use regularly. The Slim Sleeve also has a pull tab to access the cards you don’t use regularly. You can fold your cash in two as well as three folds.

What is the best minimalist wallet?

The best minimalist wallet is The Leather Bifold Wallet with RFID Protection. This wallet is unbulky like your typical wallet. However, it gives you everything you need in your wallet. It has a compartment to put your coins in. If you are someone who likes to pay with cash, you don’t have to stuff your change in your pocket only for it to fall out of your pocket when you are not looking. It can also hold 18 cards. Not only does it have RFID protection, but it is beautiful to look at.

Are minimalist wallets good?

Minimalist wallets are good because you are not carrying clutter around with you the way that you would with a traditional wallet. When you have a traditional wallet, it can be tempting to put all your receipts in your wallet. Six months later, you are unable to make out what is on the receipt, and all you have is clutter. Minimalist wallets are also lightweight, so you don’t feel weighed down when going out with your wallet.

What kind of wallet should a man carry?

A man should carry a wallet that makes him feel comfortable. Carrying around a bulky wallet is not comfortable. So, he may want to consider getting a minimalist wallet.

What is the best wallet for credit cards?

The Leather Bifold Wallet is the best wallet for credit cards as it can hold 18 cards, making it ideal for basically everyone’s needs.

Where should a man put his wallet?

A man should put his wallet where he feels comfortable. With a bigger wallet, it may be impossible to put your wallet in your front pocket as it could fall out. With a minimalist wallet, you can choose to put your wallet in the front pocket or the back pocket. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket could help to protect against theft because it is much easier to snatch a wallet from the back.

Carrying Wallets is More Fun than it Ever Was

There are many minimalist wallets to choose from, depending on your personality and needs. If you are looking for something small to stash some cash, a credit card, and an ID, the Bosca Weekend Wallet may be perfect for you. If you need a wallet to carry your passport when you go on vacation or a business trip, the Shinola Passport Wallet is for you. It is rugged enough to keep your passport and credit cards safe. Perhaps you are someone who has a lot of cards, and you need somewhere to store your coins, the Leather Bifold Wallet is your wallet. You can choose a minimalist wallet that is suitable for your lifestyle.

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