10 Best Electric Bikes for Adults that Offer Awesome Performance without any of the Noise

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults

Choosing the best electric dirt bikes for adults can be a difficult task if you’re not sure what to look for. To help simplify the process, here’s a compiled list of the top 10 coolest electric dirt bikes along with their most prominent features and benefits.

Many years ago, dirt bikes were designed for kids, but with all the advancements in modern technology, we’re taking notice of some of the best electric dirt bikes for adults that make these quick machines a force to be reckon with. Electric dirt bikes are all the rage right now and offer instantaneous power, but without the fuel, fumes, noise pollution and clutch.

Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults

1. Sur-Ron 2020 LB X-Series Dual Sport

Sur-Ron 2020 LB X-Series Dual Sport

Source: surron.co.uk

Perfect for both newbies and more experienced riders, the SUR-RON electric dirt bike is a great choice for riders thanks to its innovative design. It features a high-quality alloy frame for a total weight of just 100lbs. This electric bike has a top speed of 45 MPH with a quick re-charge of 2.5-3.5 hours. It offers a near-silent ride with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge. The SUR-RON 2020 Sport Bike also features a high-performance suspension system for a variety of terrains that won’t compromise on its overall performance.

This bike offers many customizable upgrade options such as the interchangeable bars, stems, brakes, and suspension. There’s also a wide range of pro accessories from motor protection to footrests and wheel kits.

2. Kalk OR

Kalk OR

Source: ridecake.com

The Kalk OR is engineered to promote optimal off-road performance. This bike can move at a top speed of 50 MPH and can go a maximum of 50 miles on a full charge. The size, geometry and kinematics along with its construction make this bike an agile, light, snappy and flighty experience for adults. Nearly every component on this bike was built from the ground up making it a high-quality and durable bike.

The most prominent feature of this electric bike is its construction in simplicity. The light and snappy ride focusing on-off and on-trail riding mean that its main character is all about the torque and acceleration while also providing a quiet gliding experience. Thanks to its digital pre-setting with 3 different riding modes, now anyone can fly high and ride at their own level.

3. Kuberg Freerider

Kuberg Freerider

Source: kuberg.com

When it comes to versatility and flexibility, the Kuberg Free Rider is one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults on the market. With the Freerider, you have the ability to customize your perfect fit by adjusting the power, height, and wheelbase to suit your personal needs and to ride off in comfort. Choose from a variety of wheel options for even more versatility and even get a super-charged boost of power and speed by upgrading from the 8kW standard controller to the more powerful 12kw.

The Kuberg Freerider features hi-tech components and parameters such as:

  • Bigger tires for greater stability and traction.
  • An industry leading Manitou front fork for a smoother ride.
  • A power force battery pack providing up to an hour of full-throttle riding time and a quick re-charge system.
  • Rear air suspension absorbing all the ruggedness of trails while also softening the landing of high jumps.
  • An advanced brake system with pads specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures.

4. KTM Freeride E-XC

KTM Freeride E-XC

Source: ktm.com

KTM is a big-name brand within the motorsports industry. This electrified powertrain shares the same no-limits attitude as its gas-powered comrade but with zero emissions. It features a robust PowerPack with an enhanced capacity capable of producing an 18kW output allowing you to go even further on a single charge. Its WP suspension and lightweight frame help keep things grounded while exploring your favorite trails, tracks, and roadways. Speaking of roadways, this electric dirt bike is road-legal not to mention its energy recuperation technology means you’ll be spending more time flying across the toughest terrain in absolute silence. It’s “Quiet Ride for a Loud Lifestyle” motto has this bike ranked as one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults on the market.

5. Vector Vortex

Vector Vortex

Source: vectorebike.com

The Vector Vortex is the ultimate off-road electric dirt bike. With an innovative gear system, this bike is particularly suitable for mountainous terrain. The Vortex’s system offers lots of torque making it easier to climb and accelerate even on the steepest hills. Re-charge only takes 60 minutes from standard outlets and can last between 3 to 4 years as it can handle up to 600 hours of charging it its total lifetime.

With the motor being located in the middle of the frame, it provides perfect weight balance. This direct connection between the back wheel and the motor allows the bike to respond almost instantaneously to commands such as sudden braking. In addition, its high-tech braking system features an additional four-piston hydraulic brake system when there’s insufficient traction between the tires and the ground surface.

6. Zero FX

Zero FX

Source: zeromotorcycles.com

The Zero FX is lean and mean. Its punchy Z-Force powertrain, dual-sport equipment, and long-legged suspension can handle nearly anything that you throw on its path. It features a surprisingly quiet mode offering the ultimate rhythm for uninterrupted performance.

A simple 110V household outlet satisfies the bikes charging needs making every outlet a fueling station. If you happen to crave a faster charge, you can add on a quick charger accessory to cut charging time by over 60%. Something to note is that the Zero FX is available in two battery configurations. The ZF3.6 model features modular battery technology which allows riders to add a second battery to make swapping a low battery to a fully recharged battery in seconds.

7. LMX 161-H

LMX 161-H

Source: lmxbikes.com

The LMX 161-H is a remarkable hybrid between the electric bicycle and the dirt bike. This particular model features a body style and design that mainly suits off-road riding. With an advanced suspension system on both the front and rear tires along with a dual braking system, this electric dirt bike for adults is the ultimate hybrid in performance.

Alternate between Eco and Boost mode for a seamless ride in all terrains. The advanced battery system allows you to go from zero to full capacity in about three hours and can cover about 40 miles or two hours on Eco mode. The best part of this bike is that it’s road legal and ready to take you on your next adventure.

8. Electric Motion ESCAPE

Electric Motion ESCAPE

Source: electric-motion.fr

The Electric Motion Escape is the perfect off-road bike for adults. Thanks to its powerful 2620 Wh battery, stylish exterior and ergonomic design, this bike has become one of the most popular and talked-about off-road electric dirt bikes in the industry. Riders can choose between 3 different power maps which allow the Escape to mimic the capabilities of a high-powered motorbike at the flip of a switch.

The new Electric Motion (EM) battery pack guarantees optimal performance with its compact, light and removable battery design. This bike also features a hi-tech cockpit giving you all the information needed in a blink of an eye.

9. Bultaco Brinco R

Bultaco Brinco R

Source: bultaco.co.uk

Bultaco, a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer was founded in 1958 and enjoyed a long run of success all over the world until they closed their doors in 1983. In 2014, Bultaco was given a new lease of life with a focus on developing electric off-road dirt bikes for the new generation of riders.

The Bultaco Brinco R offers the best off-roading experience boasting top speeds of 40 MPH. This electric bike features pro-grade suspension and a lightweight frame ensuring a smooth ride and precision handling regardless of speed or terrain. The Brinco R also features a sports aesthetic design combining good looks with outstanding performance all in one.

10. Zero DS

Zero DS

Source: zeromotorcycles.com

The Zero DS is a torque beast. This electric dirt bike delivers silent stump-pulling torque with no shifting, vibration or fumes. Get ready to push electric into uncharted territories with one of the most capable adventure-ready electric bikes on the planet.

The Charge Tank option on this bike is compatible with Level 2 charging stations and delivers about 6 times faster charging compared to standard wall outlets. Depending on the battery, a typical recharge can take as little as an hour with up to 94 miles of range for every hour plugged in. No special equipment is required with this bike as your standard household outlets can be used as a fueling station.

Are electric dirt bikes any good?

The modern electric dirt bike is very capable of meeting all your adventurous needs. They offer high speeds, instant power delivery, high torque, and no complications. They’re typically very easy to ride with a single-speed transmission and variable speed controls to keep it safe. Simply grab the twist-grip throttle and you’re on your way.

How much do electric dirt bikes cost?

The individual price for electric dirt bikes varies. An off-road bike like the KTM Freeride E-XC has a more reasonable price tag at around $8,300 while the road-legal Zero FX retails around $14,000. Key components that directly affect the cost of electric dirt bikes are the speed, weight, tires, battery life and overall quality.

How fast do electric dirt bikes go?

The average max speed of an electric dirt bike is 50 MPH. Most bikes can maintain high speeds for up to 3 hours of continuous riding between each charge. Electric dirt bikes do not require the need for shifting, which allows you to go from stagnant to max speed in a matter of seconds. Some electric bikes also offer an option to upgrade for extra power, speed and acceleration.

How long do dirt bike batteries last?

The battery life in an electric dirt bike is calculated in charge cycles. This means that it depends on the number of full charges from 0 to 100% the battery can undergo before their effectiveness slowly diminishes. Just like with a car battery, the way you take care of your battery will also affect its life. It’s important to store your battery in an area that’s dry and protected from temperature fluctuations. This will allow you to keep it longer. With regular use, the battery in an electric dirt bike typically lasts 3 to 5 years. Always check with the dirt bike manufacturer for more details on the lifespan on that particular bike’s battery life.

Will a battery die if not used?

The energy stored in the battery even when not in use escapes gradually. If the battery remains completely discharged for a long period of time, damage can occur due to chemical reactions inside the battery. You can easily take care of electric bike batteries by avoiding overcharging it, letting your battery cool before charging, never completely draining the battery, and charging the battery every few months when the battery is not in use.

10 Awesome Electric Dirt Bikes for Adults who are Looking for a Quiet Ride

It’s time to pull the plug on bike maintenance. There’s no need to replace clogged filters, dirty oil, spark plugs, clutches, and other messy hassles when you switch to an electric dirt bike. When choosing the right electric dirt bike for you, it’s important to take your time and weigh all the options to fit your specific needs.

We hope this guide has been beneficial and will help you make the right decision. Have a great time exploring trails or cutting through traffic on your way to work with anyone of these best electric dirt bikes for adults featured above.

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