15 Excellent Card Wallets for Men that are Super Elegant and Functional

Best Card Wallet for Men

You may want to look into the best card wallet for men, especially if you want to consider size, shape, and other factors. Wallets come in a variety of sizes, so it can be difficult to find one that meets your needs.

Since this can be difficult, we would like to discuss the top-rated credit card wallets to help you identify one that meets your needs. You should look into our 15 recommendations and pick your favorite from the different choices. Feel free to look them over and see how you feel about each of the wallets available.

15 of the Most Stylish Card Wallets for Men

1. Distil Union Wally Sleeve

Distil Union Wally Sleeve

Source: distilunion.com

The Wally Sleeve focuses on providing a minimalist design so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of flaps or parts. The wallet is nearly one-third the size of a standard wallet, so it won’t feel bulky in your pocket.

It’s a tight wallet that allows you to easily fit cards and money into it. If you don’t want to worry about large wallets, or you have really tight pockets, then the Wally Sleeve stands out as a popular credit card holder for guys. You can choose from three different colors to fit your style: black, brown, and gray. You can also purchase black with RFID.

2. Bellroy Micro Sleeve Card Wallet

Bellroy Micro Sleeve Card Wallet

Source: bellroy.com

The Micro Sleeve is another wallet that seeks to keep things condensed and easy to carry in your pocket. It has two sleeves on each side so you can easily store a few cards and it has a pocket that allows you to store money, receipts, and other items.

The Micro Sleeve stands out as the best card wallet for men due to its size and flexibility to store cards and money easily. You just have to squeeze the sides of the wallet to take your money out of it. You can purchase it in black, navy-tan, and caramel colors.

3. Bosca Weekend Wallet

Bosca Weekend Card Wallet for Men

Source: bosca.com

The Weekend Wallet is another thin option for you if you don’t want to carry a bulky wallet around. This is a popular credit card holder for guys since it has two card slots on the same side, which will make it easier to get your cards out as needed.

It also has an ID slot with a see-through front so you can easily show your ID to people as needed. The quick access to your cards works well if you plan to bring your wallet to a bar or a party. You can choose four colors which are leather-brown, mahogany, brown, and black.

4. Red Wing Card Holder

Red Wing Card Holder

Source: redwingshoes.com

This cardholder is a small wallet designed to hold a few of your cards. This way, you can just bring the cards that you need and leave the other ones at home. It’s also made out of American-based material, which some people might prefer.

It has two card slots located at the front of the wallet and a money pocket which will give you easy access. This way, you can store a form of ID, some money, and a credit card just in case you need it. This one comes in black, or russet, natural tan, and amber so you can pick the right color for your style.

5. Huskk Card Sleeve with RFID

Huskk Card Sleeve with RFID

Source: huskk.com

People may worry about RFID, which is a way that people can steal credit card information. So if you want a popular cardholder for guys that offers RFID, then the Huskk Card Sleeve might be the option for you. This one is a bit bigger than the other options mentioned, but it also has more places for you to store your cards and money.

It’s still smaller than standard wallets, so it’s an excellent option. You can store multiple cards in the two top slots and on the inside of the wallet. It comes in a Dark Brown Crazy Horse color and it will protect your wallet from RFID.

6. Holden 8 Card Wallet

Holden 8 Card Wallet

Source: holdenleathergoods.com

Some people consider this to be the best card wallet for men due to its smaller size and multiple card slots. If you have many cards that you need to carry in your wallet and the other options don’t offer enough slots, then this one has eight of them.

On top of this, you have the standard money pocket to easily access your cash as needed. This one will allow you to store many cards while also having a smaller wallet that will easily fit in your pockets. This one is available in black, so it will work well for most styles.

7. Timberland Milled Leather Passcase Wallet

Timberland Milled Leather Passcase Wallet

Source: timberland.com

This is another wallet that is smaller than your standard size. It folds in half and has four card slots on the right, two places to store your ID to easily show it to people, and another slot above those ID slots.

It also comes with a standard money pocket so you can keep your money inside of the wallet as well. It strives to easily let you show your ID, driver’s license, and access all of the cards that you need to carry. You can purchase this Passcase Wallet in a black or brown color.

8. Pioneer Molecule Cardholder

Pioneer Molecule Cardholder

Source: pioneercarry.com

Some people want a more durable small wallet, so the Pioneer Molecule Cardholder is the best card wallet for men that you could get. It has your standard card slot that can hold a few cards and a money pocket to easily carry your funds. This one gives you a few places to store your belongings while minimizing potential wallet damage.

For example, it’s a durable fabric, water-resistant, and washing machine safe if you forget to take your wallet out of a pair of your pants. You can get the Molecule Cardholder in four colors that each have their own designs: Slate, Evergreen, Onyx, and Black.

9. Serman Brands 2.0

Serman Brands 2.0

Source: sermanbrands.com

The Serman Brands 2.0 cardholder offers multiple slots to store as many cards as possible while keeping it compact. This is one of the top-rated credit card wallets due to all of the slots, warranty on it, and its RFID protection.

This wallet takes it a step further by including a pull-strap so you can easily condensed the wallet and make it fit into your pocket. It includes a one-year warranty so you can easily have it replaced or you can receive a refund on it. You just have to contact the company about it. This wallet also comes in nine different colors.

10. Boconi Grant Slimster Wallet

Boconi Grant Slimster Wallet

Source: boconi.com

The Slimster Wallet is another great option for people that want to keep their wallets bulk-free and at a reasonable size. It includes two credit card pockets, a money pocket, two stash pockets, and an outside receipt pocket. This is great since some wallets don’t give you a specific spot for receipts.

It also has a finger window in the ID slot so you can easily slide your card out of the slot with minimal effort. It’s also a wallet that offers RFID protection to keep your cards safe. The wallet comes in black and espresso so you can pick the one you prefer.

11. Bexar Goods Vertical Card Wallet

Bexar Goods Vertical Card Wallet

Source: bexargoods.com

Some people want a simple wallet that also has two folds in it so they can store more cards inside of it. This makes the Bexar vertical wallet a popular credit card holder for guys since it can fit into your front or back pockets.

It has four pockets for your cards and two more pockets that you can store money or anything else that you want. This makes it a good wallet for almost any situation since it can store money and cards while being a small wallet. It only comes in leather, but you can pay a few dollars to engrave your initials into it.

12. Jack Long Bifold Wallet

Jack Long Bifold Wallet

Source: houseofjackco.com

This wallet is one that will work well for your everyday needs since it’s small while providing you with plenty of storage space. This is possible since it offers nine slots for your cards, which you could store multiple cards into as needed, and four pockets for your money.

It also includes an ID window for you with a finger slot for easy access. This specific wallet has excellent reviews overall and it offers some options to personalize it by adding your initials to it. It comes in a standard leather color which will work for most styles.

13. Bellroy The Low

Bellroy The Low

Source: bellroy.com

The Bellroy wallet takes a different approach by designing itself to fit shorter types of currency. This means that it might be the best card wallet for men if you live in a place with short currency. The wallet is designed to hold up to 12 of your cards so you can carry around whatever you may need.

Three of them are quick-access slots for your most-used cards while having other slots in a safer position. There’s even a hidden pocket if you want it for any other types of cards. You can get this wallet in black, java, caramel, or tan, which gives you plenty of options.

14. Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet

Source: tannergoods.com

This one focuses on being a wallet that allows you to carry some cards and money without feeling like something takes up space in your pocket. It only has two card slots and another for your money, so this makes it an underlying best card wallet for men.

The wallet was designed to be in your front pocket, but it is so small that you won’t even feel it in your pocket. If you want a small wallet that can still store your cash and cards, then you should look into the Tanner Goods Minimal Card wallet. It’s available in a cognac color.

15. SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet

Source: slimfoldwallet.com

This soft shell wallet gives you options for RFID blocking or non-RFID wallets so you can pick the one that you prefer. This one focuses on protecting you from potential theft while also having a waterproof material to keep it safe. However, the wallet has other features that go beyond protection.

For example, you can store money inside of it and you can easily carry about 10 cards in the wallet. It’s lightweight and smaller than a phone, so it won’t feel like a large object inside of your pocket. The wallet comes in black and gray with threading color options, which gives you up to four options each for RFID and non-RFID wallets.

Which brand is best for men’s credit card wallet?

You have various options if you want to find the best card wallet for men, which includes the fifteen listed in this article. However, you also need to consider what you want from a wallet: do you want a more traditional wallet or a cardholder? This will help you to determine the best brand for you.

Some of the ones that stick out are the top-rated credit card wallets since many people like them. For example, the Bosca, Pioneer, and SlimFold are excellent brands if you want something small and condensed. However, if you want a bifold wallet, then you should look into the Jack Long, Huskk, or Holden 8 wallets.

Keep in mind that each of these brands are excellent wallets for different reasons. That means that you can easily review these 15 options to find one that appeals to your needs. You can easily find a popular credit card holder for guys as you look through this list and decide on the one that you want.

How to pick the best wallet for credit cards?

If you want to find the best wallet for your credit cards, then you need to think about what you plan to carry in your wallet, how many slots you need, and its durability. For example, if you plan to carry a lot of cards in it, then the Holden 8 or the SlimFold might be the best options for your situation.

On the other hand, you need to think about other items you plan to carry such as money or receipts. If you live in Europe, then you most likely have smaller notes, so the Bellroy would be good for them. You also have the Boconi if you plan to carry receipts in your wallet.

As for durability, you can always go with the Pioneer or SlimFold. Either way, finding the best wallet for credit cards comes down to identifying your needs. Do you want a smaller wallet that only carries credit cards? Does RPID protection matter to you? If you figure out what you want, then you will find the best wallet for credit cards.

Is a cardholder better than a wallet?

Even though some people are attached to standard wallets, others will notice that cardholders are superior in many ways. First, they aren’t as bulky or big, so you can easily store other belongings in your pocket without your wallet making things uncomfortable. On top of this, you can store them in your back pocket without them obstructing you when you sit.

On top of this, cardholders are designed to easily store your cards so you won’t have as difficult a time removing your cards when you need them. Standard wallets will take you a while to remove cards and money, but cardholders will make the process faster for you. Overall, cardholders have better designs that focus on making them light, comfortable, and convenient for you.

15 Card Wallets to Keep All Your Essentials Safe

You have a variety of cardholders and wallets that you can choose between, so it can be difficult to find one that you like. However, you will find that at least one of these wallets will be the best option for you. They each stand out and can be seen as the best card wallet for men, which makes them all viable options.

If you want to keep your wallet RPID protected or if you want to make your wallet as small as possible, then you will pick the best wallet for your situation as you look through these recommendations.

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